Time for school!!

It’s back to school time for everyone! That includes Logan who is 2.5. Of course it’s not “real” school, but it forces us to get out of bed early, requires socialization, and includes a snack time. So I say that counts. There are so many choices around here for us, but we ultimately decided to… Read More Time for school!!


Ikea Hemnes DIY Make Over

I’ve been playing the waiting game on our house being built (fingers crossed it starts later this month). And you know what they say about idle hands…they makeover Ikea furniture! I’ve had these Hemnes nightstands for years and they’ve surprisingly held up well; through two moves, a husband and a toddler. I had already given… Read More Ikea Hemnes DIY Make Over


The Motherhood Club

Motherhood is the best and most important job in the world. Regardless of our age, background or zip code we share the same goal, to raise kids in the best healthy way, but sometimes in the process of that we forget that we are all on the same boat, The Motherhood Club. Now a days  seems… Read More The Motherhood Club