I’ve been playing the waiting game on our house being built (fingers crossed it starts later this month). And you know what they say about idle hands…they makeover Ikea furniture!

I’ve had these Hemnes nightstands for years and they’ve surprisingly held up well; through two moves, a husband and a toddler. I had already given them a makeover when we first moved into our condo. A pair of new knobs from Anthropologie and some gold tipped legs did the trick for a while.

But a new bedroom deserves a new look, and since I’m impatient, I did this now instead of after the move (which is early next year).

I’m very happy with how they turned out and it couldn’t have been easier. All you need is some sand paper, primer, a color you love, and an accommodating toddler who says, “See ya,” when you start painting.

And because we all love before and after pictures, here’s a more accurate representation:

Hope you enjoy this tutorial !

Post by:   Sabrina F .

Night stand: Ikea Hemnes

Gold feather knob: Target

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