Time for school!!

It’s back to school time for everyone! That includes Logan who is 2.5. Of course it’s not “real” school, but it forces us to get out of bed early, requires socialization, and includes a snack time. So I say that counts.

There are so many choices around here for us, but we ultimately decided to go with a co-op. It’s a hands on, play-based, classroom with parental involvement; meaning I’m there with him the whole time.

The teachers guide the kids to explore each station set up (art, trucks, books, washing stations, clay, etc) while the parents can observe their child and how they interact with their environment. We also take a parenting course covering subjects such as; family communication, child development, discipline, and so on; during class, once a month.

So for two hours, twice a week, we’re both learning and growing. And even though there are times I wish we were still at home in our pjs, I know it’s the best thing for us, and super cute to watch!

Post by: Sabrina K

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