The very hungry caterpillar themed Birthday !!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Theme First Birthday Party

I used to work in marketing doing social media, advertising campaigns, etc, but my favorite part was when I planned all the events to help with the sales. So when my son was going to turn one I wanted to make something big for him. After all, the first birthday is a huge milestone for everyone and we needed to celebrate we all survived the first year! My son’s birthday is in early March so celebrating it outside wasn’t an option here in the PNW. I started looking into indoor playgrounds but they charge $350 and up just to reserve a small room to invite 10 kids plus the play area will still be open to the public unless I paid a premium to reserve it just for us, so that wasn’t an option for a party with small kids. Indoor playgrounds are always busy here. So we decided to celebrate his birthday at our house.

Next I needed to come up with a theme. I had so many ideas… cars, safari, balloons, camping theme but I wanted to do something my son loved and not me. And guess what he liked?! He loved “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”! He always wanted me to read him that book. So here are the pictures of how everything turned out:

I hung some green lanterns and a red lantern to make the caterpillar. And cut some paper to draw the eyes. I bought the paper lanterns from Target

And here’s a close up of the food. I tried to use all the food that’s listed in the book. You know On Monday he ate through one apple….

But I also made some chicken sandwiches. I bought the rotisserie chicken salad from Costco and made mini sandwiches. That was super easy and yummy! Also I got some cheese puffs from Trader Joes.

And one of my awesome friends made from scratch the caterpillar cake! It was delicious.

For favors I bought plain white paper bags and Polka dot tissue paper from Target’s dollar section. Then I cut small circles to make the caterpillar and gifted the book. It was only $3 at Amazon. Everyone loved it specially since all guests were little babies who couldn’t eat candy just yet.

And I set up a play area in my living room for all of his friends who were all under 18 months which worked perfectly!

And what you see in the back is the caterpillar with pictures of every month I took of my son. Yes, I’m that kind of mom who takes the same picture every month.

He had a great time playing with his friends and grabbing as many balloons as he could. So I definitely don’t regret doing his first birthday at my house. He enjoyed it and we were able to enjoy it with him as well! So if you’re planning your baby’s first birthday make sure you have time to really enjoy it and see your little one have the time of his life! Make it easy on you!
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