While I was away… THIS HAPPENED!

So, its been some crazy few weeks!

My life gave a 180 degree turn, when about 4 weeks ago i found out that the building we were living in was being sold, and since i worked there i was going to have to find another job … oh! And also vacate my apartment by the end of October.

As some of you know, i have a 3 yr old and a 3 month old, so imagine to have to relocate with a toddler and an infant ! YIKES!

Thank God, my boss was so helpful and nice that helped us with the whole transition and moving out. I will be forever thankful for everything he has done for me and my family.

But oh boy! These past few weeks were so intense! I was trying to get used to being a mommy of 2, a wife etc and everything happened at the same time, my mom went back home after 2 whole months of helping us, hubby went back to work and we had to move out ! It was insane! Sophia kept on crying and telling me to unpack because she didn’t want to move so that alone made it a little bit harder for me.

The only thing i can say is that thru all of this, God was our rock and help, because at some point we felt that our worlds were crumbling down, but in the midst of it all He opened the right doors for us, so were super thankful for that!

We started meditating how other people had lost it all in the Mexico earthquake and all these hurracaines: Harvey, Irma etc. So what we were going thru was NOTHING compared to what these people were and still are facing.

So here i am once again back on my feet and ready to tell you more of our adventures !!!

Stay tunned ❤️

Con amor,

Valerie S.




1 thought on “While I was away… THIS HAPPENED!

  1. Totally true. It’s always about perspective.
    When I lost my son, I remember hearing on the radio an interview to a family that had lost their home and were living in their car. The story was super sad and that family was so desperate and ashamed, feeling like that was the worst that could happen to them. But at that moment I thought I’d gladly switch places with them, as long as I could have my son back.
    But God was my rock too and I held on to it.
    Thanks for sharing and I’m happy to hear you found another place and the adventure goes on.

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