Ahem. Before today I was actually trying to come up with some super amazing topic to write about on the blog. And it was today at the mall while my toddler was screaming “mommy I need to go potty now” and had my infant in my arms nursing that I said: OMG! I need to write about this !!

Now, before you guys ask: Why did you go to the mall if you were not gonna be able to handle it?

These past few months I’ve been trying to adjust to a lot of things, being a temporary stay home mom, living in a new city, and being a mommy of 2, and even though I know my life will never be the same, I also want to try to do the things I used to do before, not just being home watching the kids all day. I want to be able to take the kids places and somehow feel like my old self again.

My older brother came to visit from El Salvador (My home country) for the weekend, and he wanted to do some shopping, so I decided to go with him and see where that adventure would take me.

Ha! As soon as we went in the mall my toddler started crying nonstop for no apparent reason, and my baby wanted to nurse. Yikes! So I patiently sat down and started nursing while my brother tried to make my daughter happy.

After that, things got a little better but, 1 hour later my daughter was tired, and she wanted to go home.

It has been a while since I’ve shopped, because I’m still losing baby weight, so I haven’t really bought anything. But my brother insisted for me to choose my Christmas gift from him. So, off we went to Abercrombie to find some sweaters to prepare for the winter. (light sweaters, of course, I’m in California lol).

And as soon as I tried stuff on, Noah started crying wanting to nurse again, and Sophia wanted to go home.

It was not long after that I was running down the halls to get to the restroom! Sophia needed to go potty and Noah wouldn’t let go of my boob !! I wanted to cry, but I put on my super mom suit and of we went!

So… In the light of my experience, I wanted to share some tips and things that can help you survive this Holiday Shopping Season!

1. Make a plan

I know this is hard, (at least for me, I get sidetracked easily)but think of what you need to buy and map out a route of the stores you’re going to visit. That way you’ll hopefully get in and out with little fuss.

2. Don’t go during nap or snack time. 

I’m almost 100% positive that if you go out during nap or snack time, your children will be super cranky. Try to do your shopping after you’ve finished these activities. I know it’s hard sometimes but it will give you a little more peace of mind.

3. Don’t pack your entire house to go out. 

Ok, this is something I do all the time! I pack a bunch of random stuff for the kids that i don’t even use (I’ve found myself packing baby nail files and cotton balls wth!) that make the diaper bag heavier! If you need to, have an extra change of clothes and diapers in the car so you’re not carrying too much around.

4. Give babywearing a try.

If you have 2 kids like me and hate bulky double strollers that don’t fit thru doors, you can use a stroller for the oldest one and wear the infant or vice-versa. Babywearing has made my life easier. You’re not gonna be thinking your kids will get lost since… mmm they’re attached to your chest or back.

5. Do Online Shopping. 

If you feel that you’re not prepared to go out by yourself with one or more kids, but you still have to do your holiday shopping, put on some comfy pj’s, grab your laptop or phone and buy from the comfort of your couch! Don’t worry we’re not here to judge!


So remember, next time you’re in a situation like me today, stay calm and breathe!
You’re not alone, all of us mommas have gone thru a crazy experience at the mall, so do whatever works best for you!!


Hang tight momma, we got this!



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