Remember when I wrote about the co-op school? Yeah, well we decided to go in a different direction. I don’t have anything against it, but Logan was having separation anxiety during the parent education class, and disliked having to get up early and immediately go somewhere. Needless to say we had poor attendance.

So I decided to try homeschooling to see if this is more our pace. I researched the laws in my state, the rules of the school district, and joined every Facebook homeschool group I could.

Like in everything else, there seems to be, “mama drama” when it comes to teaching children. The consensus was to have Logan (who will be 3 in March) just play his little heart out and not worry about lesson plans just yet. I can see where they’re coming from, but I’d still like to have a little more educational value to his playtime.

This is where Pinterest is your best friend. I studied other parent’s lesson plans, and activities, books to read, videos to watch, games to play, and so on. It was about a week later that I surfaced from the depths of the internet with a direction for Logan.

I’d like to focus on introductions to the ABCs, numbers, shapes and colors. Then I’ll go with a letter of week. They’ll be themes, fine and gross motor activities, crafts, books, games, visuals, etc. for each of these concepts. Basically, it’s to hide the fact that he’s learning while playing.

We’ve already covered the alphabet and numbers. And I’ve learned what works and doesn’t for Logan, plus I feel like it’s brought us closer together, because we’re having so much fun!


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