Home Schooling Adventures Part 2

Prior to the Christmas break, Logan and I went over an introduction to shapes. With brainstorming, Pinterest and Preschool workbooks, I put together a lesson plan to explain what shapes are, what they look like, and where to commonly find them. Here are some of the activities and crafts we did:

* He drove his Hot Wheels around on laminated shape roads that I printed out from thisΒ source.


* We made shape dinosaurs and monsters. I cut up a bunch of shapes, gave him glue and eyeballs to make the silly pictures. I’d name the shape after he glued a piece down, and we counted all of the sides together.

* I made up a game called, “Shapes Bowling,” where I put tape in various shapes on our kitchen floor, then set bowling pins in them. Logan would roll the ball and whatever pins fell, we’d name the shapes out loud. It was simple and silly.

* I laminated a worksheet with shapes to trace. But instead of using a marker we used Playdoh to outline the triangle, circle and square.

* Logan loves playing in a bucket of water. I found some foam shapes from the craft store, added in some fish and a boat and hid him scoop the shapes up.

* We used popsicle sticks to outline felt shapes, then glued them together.

* We played a memory game using shape cards I found at Target.

* I cut sponges into triangles, hearts, squares and circles and used them to paint a large piece of packing paper that we had handy.

I’ve realized that even if Logan doesn’t fully go along with the “rules,” the overall goal is met; he’s excited to try new activities, he’s enjoying learning and exploring his world, and most importantly, he’s very happy.

hs part2

I’ll be taking a break with the lesson plans until after we settle into our new house (moving in less than a month). Then we’ll be starting with a letter a week!

Post by: Sabrina F. Keefe

19 thoughts on “Home Schooling Adventures Part 2

  1. What some lovely and fun ways to learn about shapes. It is amazing what things you can come up with when you think outside the box, I always think home schooling seems so much more interesting and hands on.

  2. You are so creative and he is so lucky to be getting homeschooled by someone who truly cares! These are such fun ideas and you can tell by the pictures that he is having a blast. So cool!

  3. I went to public schools growing up and I was always intrigued by parents that home schooled their children. Later working for an education company I learned the due diligence that is required of home school teachers and I can definitely see the benefits for children. Next time I am watching my niece and nephew I may incorporate some of these activities so that I can keep them busy. πŸ™‚

  4. Omg how neat! Looks like a fun and simple project to do with a toddler, I’ll be saving this to do it with my son! Love this post and thanks for sharing mama!

  5. This is so sweet! I was homeschooled and will most likely homeschool my own kids one day, in their younger years.
    There’s so much opportunity for creativity…And that’s truly the best way to enable a life-long love of learning! Everything sticks so much better when it’s fun. πŸ™‚

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