So this year I had in mind this amazing Valentine’s Day photo session with my husband and kids. I had seen the outfits I wanted to get for all of us, I pinned a million ideas on Pinterest, I had a location in mind, I had spoken to our photographer, everything was super ready!

Well, things don’t always go as planned, and instead of having my amazing photo session, date night with my hubby and our get together with my closest girlfriends and our kids, I ended up in the er with the flu. For the last week and a half, I felt so sick and weak, I don’t even know how I had the strength to take care of a toddler and a very active crawling baby!

I was disappointed and upset that I couldn’t get to do all the things I had in mind for Valentine’s weekend, but then I thought to myself, everything doesn’t have to perfect, life is full of unpredictable things. I was complaining too much and didn’t realize that I have to be thankful for every day of my life! Valentine’s, after all, is just a commercial holiday, I get to demonstrate and receive love every single day of my life! How awesome is that?

And so I got up, spoke to my husband and we brought the party home! We had not been out for almost 2 weeks, so I went to buy some balloons, confetti, decorations… I was ready to have the best party ever with the ones I loved! My daughter was so excited we decided to focus on her (my son is 6 months, so he pretty much doesn’t care lol) and we decorated her room and teepee tent, we ordered the Valentine Bundle  (heart-shaped pizza) from Pizza Hut and we were ready to go!

I wore a tulle skirt I had bought years ago, and only used twice, and a blouse from Abercrombie and Fitch from last year, put on some makeup and kind of did my hair ( I have kids so you know how that goes lol)

Sophia wore a burgundy blouse and a black and gold tutu skirt from Old Navy (Find one similar here and here).

Everything was so perfect! We had so much fun, we watched movies, she had her special time with daddy, her little brother was dozed off most of the time, so it was awesome to spend some mommy and me time with my princess!

I learned a big lesson this Valentine’s Day, I learned that I don’t need the perfect outfit, I don’t need the perfect location, I don’t need to have my hair and makeup on point, my purpose as a blogger is to tell other mothers that it’s ok not to have their life as a mom figured out, nobody does! There’s not a certain standard to follow, so don’t ever compare yourself to others, you are doing the best that you can! It’s ok not to do the dishes, it’s ok to have a messy house, it’s ok to have a neat house, it’s ok if you do your makeup, its ok if you don’t !! Just be yourself <3!  My pictures were not taken by a professional photographer, and that’s ok, my hubby did a wonderful job!  To me, these pictures were taken with love. My make up was not on point and my hair was half done, and that’s ok, the beauty of all is that I got a beautiful moment with my daughter and she will never forget that <3

Hope you guys have an amazing Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day <3


Valerie S.

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  1. That is so cute, I love your background, red baloons and the mini tent.. great ideas

  2. How sweet! I just love these photos. You can tell your daughter loved it. And you’re so right, you don’t need perfection, ever. Just relax and enjoy life!

  3. What you said are all true!! Valentines day is a celebration of love and we don’t need to do fancy stuff to make it real.

  4. I love the teepee. I have three kids and am very familiar to the last minute change of plans. I have found that the new plans are many times better than the original.

  5. Hands up I am really behind with the idea of Galentine’s Day this is the first year I’ve ever heard about it but I think it is such a great idea. Your photos are so cute as well <3

  6. I’m sorry your Valentine’s Day didn’t go as planned but it looks like you really made the best out of the situation. I love your teepee, we want to get our daughter one for her room.

  7. I think things definitely went as planned, it was meant to be celebrated at home with the best people. I love all your outfits. Your smiles definitely show us how happy you guys were!

  8. Jeanette Radmall says:

    How sweet are these photos! You have beautiful children. Happy GALentines!

  9. Awww! Too much cuteness for one post!! I love the pics of your Galentine’s Day!

  10. What a sweet idea! I love your little set up and it sure led to some adorable pictures!

  11. Life happens and at the end when you have a positive attitude everything turns out better than planned. Everyone looks amazing and so happy. We also stayed in and had a great family time with the girls. Love is for everyday.

  12. I have been celebrating Galentines Day with my friends for 6 years and hosting it strong. When I have kids I will have a kiddie version of Galentines like you!

  13. Hope you are feeling better! This is so true, spending quality time with the ones you love is what Valentine’s Day is all about, not fancy dates and photo shoots.

  14. You are seriously the best mom ever! I am so glad ya’ll had some fun!

  15. So sorry to hear that you had been unwell but I really hope that you are feeling better now and I am so glad you had a lovely spontaneous Galentines celebration. Plus the heart shaped pizza sounds like the perfect way to end any fun day or evening!

  16. You are right, you dont need the perfect anything on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year. You guys are so adorable!

  17. This is so adorable! You have such a beautiful family, and I love your festive decor!

  18. Ally Jones says:

    These photos are too cute. You will forever treasure these.

  19. I’m sorry to read that you weren’t feeling well, but congratulations to you and the family for rolling with the punches. From the look of things, you had all the important people with you, which is exactly how it should be. Besides, it will only give you reason to create another opportunity in the near future. Cheers!

  20. This is toooo cute! I love all the pictures. I cannot wait to do these type shoots with my daughter when she gets older.

  21. Blair villanueva says:

    I like this themed glamping for valentine’day! Do you also share diy tutorial on this?

  22. This is sooooo cute! I should do this next year with my daughter! 🙂

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