Yesterday was a hot summer day and we wanted to take the kids out, with temperatures above 100 degrees, we knew the park was not an option.

So we decided to go and visit one of our favorite museums for kids in Los Angeles; THE DISCOVERY CUBE LOS ANGELES . A year ago, we visited for the first time and we decided to get the membership because it’s so close to our home and it’s totally worth it!

Our membership option is:


If you have a crew of three or more? This is the membership made just for your team. How it works: The Family Membership includes one or two adults living in the house (just provide the names at sign-up). It also includes up to four kids, ages 3 to 17, also living in the same house (we’ll also need their names, too, to complete the registration). Is there another sibling or two, in that age range, in the same house? They can also be added to the membership, for $20 each.

And right now you can buy your annual family membership for one year and the second one is 1/2 price. Which comes out to $149 for 2 years !!! (Membership is valid for Discovery Cube Orange County, Ocean Quest Campus and Discovery Cube Los Angeles)

 You can become a member here


  • You can celebrate your child’s birthday party and the packages prices are amazing!
  • Unlimited admission (No blackout dates)
  • Access to 3 campuses (Discovery Cube LA, Discovery Cube OC, Ocean Quest Campus)
  • Special invitations.
  • Summer Camp Discovery and more!!!

Click here for more information on birthday parties

This interactive museum has some many activities to play and learn! I love how it focuses on science, and creating consciousness about saving water, recycling etc.

It also has different exhibits per season, from now till Sep. 3rd Dinosaurs take over the museum with their roars and stomps!!

You can take snacks for the kids, but if you’re looking for something to eat you can go to

which is the restaurant inside the museum! I love that their menu is healthy and vegan!

So what are you waiting for ? Plan your visit to this magical and adventurous place !!

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  1. I would love this place myself. So I can only imagine how your kids felt. I love activities that disguise learning with fun.

  2. this place looks fun. would definetely go,if i come around that place.

  3. Loved the place. Are there any plans for tourist? As they won’t be for long, I am pretty sure this place would be lot of fun especially for kids as they get to learn and have fun.

  4. What a fun place! My daughter works at our local Children’s Museum, and I would love to see some of these exhibits come to it. I really like the grocery shopping one, it’s such an important thing for kids to learn.

  5. Adriana Lopez says:

    wow this is a super cool place I bet my grandson would ove viisting as he likes dinosaurs. I am sure you had a lot of fun.

  6. That is one fun place. I wish we had known about this place when we visited La this year.

  7. There’s a lot of fun to be had. I was surprised to see that the family pass offered up to 4 children. It seems that most I’ve seen are for only 2-3 kids, which discriminates against slightly larger families just like many vehicles. I don’t live around there, but the zoos around me have been alternating who has dinosaurs and my kids LOVE them.

  8. How much fun does this look as a place to go and spend some time discovering. I can imagine it is a place kids love to visit and there is always something a bit different going on to see.

  9. What an amazing place! It is good to know that there is a vegan restaurant in the museum.

  10. Wow! This place looks awesome! I don’t think my nephew would want to go home after visiting this place. He’s just so into dinosaurs right now. 🙂

  11. Hannah Marie says:

    Wow, this is amazing. I can only imagine my kids having fun at their interactive activities. The perks are really worth it. Thanks for sharing!

  12. The place looks so great, and did you tell me kids can have their birthday parties organised there. Kids would definitely love this place.

  13. This place looks amazing. It will be very fun to go there. I hope I will go there. In between, all the pictures are very nice.

  14. We love going to the Discovery Cube. It’s been some time since we’ve gone, but it looks like we’ll need to go back soon after reading this post. So many awesome things to see!

  15. Jessica T says:

    This sounds like an incredible place for kidS! We have something similar here too and I always try to take my kids a couple times a year. Membership sounds like a great option to save money and go year round.

  16. Ruth I. says:

    This is perfect for family bonding. It is very interactive, fun and educational. Really awesome!

  17. There is so much to see and do there. I’m as obsessed with dinosaurs as the kids are, if not more, lol. We’d all have a blast there.

  18. This looks like a perfect place to spend the day at with kids; with so much for the kids to do, it was a perfect family fun day,right?

  19. My daughter and I love the discovery cube. She loves to play around in all of the different areas. We will have to go and check the one out in LA. We didn’t realize there was one out there. Very cool.

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