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  1. Maxi dresses are my all time favourites. And the jackets are lovely. You look beautiful.

  2. These are great ways to style a maxi dress! I love maxi dresses but feel like they are too casual sometimes. These are great ways to dress them up.

  3. You look absolutely darling in each of these maxi dress styles. I am short and always thought that a maxi dress would not look good on me but your photos are inspiring. Thanks for giving me some new ideas!

  4. Sanu Aulakh says:

    I think with fall here, these are great ways to keep dresses in rotation without freezing . I for one love to wear dresses.

  5. I needed this! I’ve got several Maxi dresses that need a little dressing up and I wasn’t sure how to do it! Thanks so much for the ideas!

  6. Oh wow …. you definitely know how to dress… Awesome clothes and awesome the girl who wears them! Where do you get them?

  7. I feel like I can never make maxi dresses work, but the dress looks so cute in the photos, so it makes me want to try maxi dresses again. I especially love the oxford shirt idea – never would have thought of that!

  8. You look really pretty, dear! I love how you mix and matched the maxi dress. The leather jacket looks great, and I would love to wear one when traveling because I came from a tropical country where wearing a leather jacket will make me sweat real bad :’D

  9. Kanaya Bhattacharya says:

    Maxi dresses seem like an interesting choice for all seasons! But somehow I don’t see them being worn as often. Loving all these cute outfits! 🙂

  10. Rebecca Bailey says:

    That’s a really beautiful dress, and I love how versatile it is. You’ve put together some really beautiful outfits. I need something as versatile as that in my wardrobe.

  11. This is a pretty style that could go with lots of accessories and jackets. I like what you paired it with.

  12. Arleene says:

    Oh I love all three ways. I don’t ever wear maxi dresses cause im so short lol but I should try 🙂

  13. URMILA DEven says:

    Maxi is my all time favorite…I will try sometime this type of style …but i found that this could be interesting only with your post…

  14. Love Maxi dresses and never thought of wearing it in so many different ways, this is awesome.

  15. Devyani Ray says:

    I love these ideas! This will carry my maxi dresses right into fall 🙂

  16. I haven’t worn a maxi dress in a long time. I like these three looks that you’ve made with yours and it all works for you, you look so pretty.

  17. These are great ideas. I have a couple of maxi dress but they are printed though, so it’s quite obvious if I wear them again. But the jacket is a nice touch, especially if you keep it closed. Looks like the becomes just a skirt only.

  18. Some really cool styles there. And the pictures..they’re stunning. Love the look!


    Thanks for giving me some fresh ideas on how to expand my wardrobe with the maxi dress! I love your style and ideas! Thank you for sharing!

  20. I love maxi dresses. They are great for events or just every day. I’m really loving the look with the leather jacket.

  21. I have been looking for a maxi dress. Wow this one is so beautiful and elegant. Love the different ways you wore it.

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